What is the Power of Mindful Meditation

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The one who has mastered the art of working with the ebbs and flows of your resistance has practically achieved zenith. These are some zen habits, which if you inculcate in your lives, you will lead a more happy, contented, and peaceful life. How many of us make new year resolutions that only last until January end or February? How many of us promise to lead a better life but then eventually give way to our resistance? Well, many of us! But what is this resistance and why does it pose as a barrier to our ideals?

What Is Resistance And What Are The Ebbs & Flows?

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Resistance is stopping before anything that makes us uncomfortable. Resistance is our body refusing to eat healthy salads and eating bacon and fried eggs instead. Resistance is refusing to make that long due call to someone who have wronged. Resistance is not going to the gym and many such activities that make our bodies uncomfortable. Now the Ebbs & Flows of Resistance are something that only someone who can be consistent can learn. When you promise yourself to go to the gym, your body might scream and cry in pain and tempt you everyday to not get up from the bed. But when you do not let this resistance control your mind and be consistent for the first few weeks, you will notice a miraculous change. You will find yourself automatically getting up for the gym after the first month of being consistent. You might still not enjoy it, but you still make an effort. This phase is the low tide and finally, when you are consistent for three months, you will find yourself flowing and wanting to go the gym every morning. This means that you have finally broken the barrier of resistance and agreed to work with the ebbs and flows of your resistance.

Playing With The Ebbs And Flows Of Your Resistance

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Now that you have understood how your resistance works, you need to play with it. Give it some time and feel the ebbs for some time. During this process, you can just do the thinking and gathering up courage. Then you need to defy this resistance and get into the process. You might feel the low tide phase then. The trick is not to give up in this most difficult phase. Ebbs will soon flow if you remain consistent. Soon, you will find yourself flowing in spite of certain resistance. It is then, you must realize, that you have mastered the art of defying your resistance. You need to give such actions or thoughts a lot of thinking. This will also help you weigh the pros and cons of your action or speech. When you see that the pros outweigh the cons, you have already ignited a positive force into your mind. Now the only thing left is to work with your resistance, play for sometime and flow again, and finally defeat it.

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