What Is Karma? Learn Below!

Do you know what is karma? It is a word we often hear. Many of us don’t know what it means. The word talks about what happens to a person because of his actions. Religions discuss the theory of karma to explain what will happen to a person as a result of his actions. 

However, you can compare the theory with newton’s third law, “every action reacts,” Most us think that karma talks about punishment. Moreover, it is not valid.

Karma And Its Procedures

Try to know what it means. Just people use the word without knowing the whole meaning of it. Using the word has become very casual, even in newspapers, restaurants, and magazines.

Originally, karma is a concept in religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. ‘Karma’ origins from the word Karman which has the meaning ‘act. Some religions believe that karma is the law that judges reincarnation.

The western world has developed a modern idea. It considers that karma deals with influencing luck or fortune. Moreover, many people believe that the right actions will result in rewards, and evil actions will result in punishments. However, people use it to explain hardships.

Karma And Its Laws

So, Different people define in many ways. The meaning modernized and gave various explanations when the people in western countries started using it. The laws explain some lessons in life. Generation uses the laws to make changes in their life.

However, there are 12 primary laws. You do not have to be afraid anymore and can start empowering the world after searching genuinely through the laws.

  1. Great law
  2. Creation
  3. Humility
  4. Regulation of growth
  5. Responsibility
  6. Connection
  7. Focus
  8. Giving and hospitality
  9. The law of here and now
  10. Change
  11. Patience and reward
  12. Significance and inspiration

In Buddhism

Religion talks about the effect of the action of speech, body, and mind on our life. Buddhist tradition considers that the law of karma is one main factor that governs everyone’s lives. Buddha referred to a word as volition, which means a motivating factor of an action. It is essential to know better.

Wrapping Up

When something terrible happens in our life, it is not correct to consider it as a result of bad luck or punishment. Since time does not stop for anyone, the wise thing to do is to overlook the regrets and solve the problems you face by making the right decisions. Furthermore, you can take the laws as lessons to have a change in your life.

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