Using Your Mind Power to Manifest Wealth Consciousness

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John Kehoe is the subject of the famous “Mind Power” article written by Tony Robbins in the early 1970s. John Kehoe was actually born in Mississippi. He moved to California and became a successful author. In his article, Robbins suggested nine steps that could be taken by anyone to increase their mind power. In this article, I will share with you one of those steps – one that can have a profound impact on the quality of your life.

The ninth step in John Kehoe’s series of nine steps to raise your mind power was called, “Another View.” In this section, Robbins indicated that there are two realities – a mental reality and a physical reality – and these two realities can intermix. In other words, you can use your mind to create a mental reality that gives you feelings of prosperity and fulfillment, and you can also use the physical universe to create feelings of abundance and fulfillment. Therefore, Robbins suggested that you can raise your mind power by engaging in what is called mind reality consciousness visualization seeding affirmations.

An Overview

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Mind reality consciousness is where you envision your wealth consciousness or prosperity consciousness. This can be done through meditation, prayer, thinking, and visualizing. You can visualize wealth, health, love, peace, and anything else you desire. Robbins also suggested doing things like saying positive affirmations or mentally repeating positive statements. You can also do things that reinforce your mind power. These could include: thinking positively about what you want; using visualization, like the process of mind reality consciousness mentioned above; and getting involved in activities that help you bring your mind into prosperity consciousness.

Robbins said that by using affirmations and visualization techniques you will find that you have a very powerful tool. Using affirmations or visualization techniques will help you to focus your mind, which in turn will help you to manifest your desires. It has been proven that affirmations have a better impact on people who work on manifesting their wealth consciousness than meditation alone. John Kehoe agreed with this statement.

Using Mind Power to Grow Wealth

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Robbins also said that your power to manifest is directly related to how much money you have. Therefore, you will want to add as many positive thoughts, feelings, or words as possible to your mind as you try to increase your wealth consciousness. This is because you need to use your mind to manifest anything you desire. John Kehoe said that you have to be willing to put forth whatever power you need in order for your mind to manifest your prosperity. He further suggested doing affirmations every day as a way of making your affirmations more powerful.

Another way of using your mind to manifest wealth consciousness is by using the law of attraction. The law of attraction can work with your mind as well. You will need to spend a little time each day thinking positively about your wealth. The more you think positively about having more money, the closer you will get to manifest your desires. The mind works in a similar fashion as the physical body.

John Kehoe is a great teacher and mentor. He gives people the tools they need to use their mind power to manifest their desires. As he has taught others over the years, one of his main points is that manifesting your desires is easier if you start with a positive mind set. He has made it his mission to teach people how to attract more abundance into their lives. By taking a proactive role in attracting more abundance, you are taking control of your mind and body, which have a tremendous power to manifest your desires.

You do not need any special powers or abilities to manifest abundance. All you need is to believe that you can and you will. John Kehoe’s wealth consciousness program will teach you how to use this powerful tool. After you have learned the techniques and practices that are included in his program, you will be able to harness the mind power to manifest your dreams.

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