Signs Of Social Anxiety – The Dangers Of Living With Social Anxiety

Signs of social anxiety disorder are usually challenging to recognize and can occur at any time or place. In addition, they may be subtle or obvious. For example, social anxiety can interfere with working and school performance, affect relationships, affect one’s health and well-being. So what are the signs of social anxiety disorder?

Common Warning Signs Of Social Anxiety Disorder

The most obvious signs of social anxiety are the intense fear of being watched, evaluated, judged, humiliated, or ridiculed by others. In short, the symptoms are the opposite of shyness. However, not everyone who suffers from this condition exhibits signs of shyness-or vice versa. Furthermore, shyness is only one type of social anxiety symptom. In other words, there are other physical signs of social anxiety that people may exhibit as well.

Signs of social anxiety disorder also include the intense fear of being in certain situations. For example, some people will avoid parties, church meetings, movies, restaurants, etc. Others will avoid being alone in their homes for any reason. When these symptoms become extreme and interfere with everyday activities, they should be evaluated for a possible mental health condition.

Another set of signs includes obsessions and compulsions. People who have social anxiety symptoms may be obsessed with one type of situation. For example, they may be obsessed with their fear of being in a public place and constantly checking their surroundings for signs of social situations. As a result, they may find it hard to leave their comfort zones and can often remain in their comfort zone for days on end.

Never Hesitate To Seek Assistance

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The first thing someone should look for when they think they may have this problem is getting help promptly. There are several treatment options available to people who suffer from social anxiety. For instance, some people choose to take medications. Medications can help to alleviate symptoms such as physical symptoms such as sweating. Other drugs may work to decrease feelings of fear. However, therapy aims to learn ways to eliminate the core fears and conquer them, not just treat the symptoms.

What Are The Behavioral Symptoms?

Another set of signs include behavioral symptoms. These can consist of excessive worrying about money, physical symptoms such as blushing or shaking and avoiding public situations. For example, people with social anxiety may worry that they will embarrass themselves by engaging in certain behaviors that will make them appear weak or ridiculous. This can result in avoidance of these situations.

Lack Of Making Eye Contact Is Very Common 

Some other signs include a total lack of eye contact with others. For example, people who have social anxiety cannot make eye contact. In addition, they may look to avoid contact with others entirely. Instead, they may look to observe objects, think of the person they are looking at, or start to speak to someone else.

Final Words

Many people suffer from the symptoms of social anxiety. This can include people who are afraid to start conversations with other individuals or even going up to strangers. To overcome this condition, there are various treatment options available. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy, anti-anxiety medications, and even certain self-help treatments that focus on relaxing the mind.

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