Notebook Pocket For Writing In Rainshowers

Notebook Pocket For Writing In Rainshowers

A smartphone notebook is a substitute for the old-fashioned notebook. It removes the need for paper and helps in reflecting essential thoughts and ideas. However, what if you were to write in rainy conditions and stormy weather. No smartphone can act as a substitute for a waterproof notebook or pocket notepad. It is vital to quickly take short notes, design mind-maps, and a quick sketch. No matter coffee or water spills off on notepad, it will remain the same. A waterproof notebook protects your essential and important notes. Thus, it bids the finest solution. Let’s see how a notebook pocket allows you to take field notes easily.

Notebook Pocket / Waterproof Notebook

It is a notebook or waterproof notepad that allows you to take notes securely in wet conditions. It has both horizontal and vertical guidelines for easy graphing, drawing, and writing. Thus, field notes can be quickly taken up. No matter whether you use a standard ballpoint pen or a pencil, still it will work. It contains various ruled pages that got created using synthetic waterproof paper with wire-bound against durable plastic covers. With correct width and height, you can keep it in pockets easily. It thus makes it eligible for all weather conditions.

Get Best Results Using Notebook Pocket

For best results, use a broad-lead pencil or a standard ballpoint pen that has smooth writing. It repels the environment, such as sweat, mud, tears, snow, and rain. The paper is made using renewable wood fiber that’s non-petroleum based. Thus, it can be 100% recycled.

Why Use Notebook Pocket?

Many times it happens we try to memorize specific names and dates; however, we can’t keep our promises. In this case, you can use a waterproof notebook to make notes. Also, it is safe from other liquid types as well. Likewise, it prevents your records from liquids and water spillage. No matter whether it is a research work or a random field note, the outdoor activity is possible. It works as a perfect companion and offers the best results even in light rain showers.

Notebook Pocket Features

Notebook Pocket Is Portable And Small Notebook

The size of the portable notebook is 76 x 126 mm that makes it portable. You can keep it in front of the back pocket easily without worry of being folded. It is perfect for students who can take notes during the experiments. It is not only a functional but also useful notepad that can be used for calculation or making a to-do-list for groceries. You can arrange items as per the priority and then take it to shops or grocery stores. Glossy pages make turning off pages easier.


The waterproof notebook is best for job site people or carpenter guys for taking notes in the construction field. The synthetic made paper will last longer and survive in any condition. It keeps your writing intact. Also, you can consider it as a memo book due to waterproof covers, papers, and durable loop binding. The durable construction and handy pocket size make it ideal for tradespeople, public safety personnel, and athletes. Thus, you can use graphite pencil or permanent ink marker to write over the notebook pocket sheets. 

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