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There is a new mindpower book out that incorporates the latest technology and mental techniques with age-old practices and wisdom. The Science of Getting More Out of Life by Chris Gibson looks closely at how our minds work to help guide us through our lives. Gibson has spent the last twenty years traveling the world visiting many of the most remote and diverse cultures as he has made his way from the United States to South America, Australia, and Africa. This thorough look at our minds and the power of the human mind provides unique insights into how we can use this tool to improve not only our lives but also the lives of others.

The Science of Getting More Out of Life By Chris Gibson provides the first scientific evidence that demonstrates why thinking helps you live a better life. Gibson uses the example of a child’s hand being plucked by a stranger. This incident causes the child to develop fear and anxiety that he may lose his limb. When he grows up, he uses his newfound powers of thought to overcome the negative emotions associated with this event and grow courage in his heart. In doing so, Gibson helps show that even though something bad has happened, the mind is capable of dwelling on only those aspects that are positive. In other words, Gibson is saying that by using the power of the mind, we can make changes to a life that might be impossible to change in any other way.

Mindpower Book

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One of the major areas that this book explores is the power of visual images. Gibson utilizes pictures of great events in history to help us visualize ourselves achieving similar feats. This eases the mind into the journey of visualization, allowing us to imagine ourselves achieving greatness. Visualization is powerful and this book helps us understand the psychology behind this process and how it allows us to use this power effectively.

Gibson takes this mind power to a new level by developing what is referred to as a “bend” in the body. This technique allows the mind to access the subconscious power of the mind to achieve things that were previously thought to be impossible. For example, by using a simple picture to think about a desirable outcome, the mind can change the physical actions of the body necessary to reach that end. This is a mind-body connection and this book explores how this connection allows us to utilize this power in different aspects of our lives.

The power of concentration is also discussed in the Mindpower book. It is important to remember that no one can control who will think and decide for them at any given time. However, with the use of techniques such as meditation, it is possible to focus on what we want and allow the subconscious mind to guide the conscious mind in achieving these results. This technique can be effective in many aspects of life and with the right guidance, it can even be used to prevent illness from breaking out in the first place!

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Visualization is one of the key components when using mind power, and Gibson shares how it allows us to focus on the results we desire. By visualizing ourselves having the results we are after, we are less likely to feel a sense of worry or stress when the opportunity does not present itself. We can then turn to the subconscious to bring about the changes we need to achieve our goals.

Meditation is another key component when it comes to changing the state of the mind. By quieting the mind to focus on a mantra, which is a flowery word or image, we are able to release accumulated stress and tension within the body and mind. This is achieved by calming the mind and opening the heart chakra, located in the center of the forehead. The Heart Chakra vibrates at a level of energy, far higher than the mind and this allows us to reach states of true happiness and tranquility. This book discusses various meditations and the effects they have on the mind and the body. It also discusses the use of affirmations, which are statements that motivate us to keep going with the changes we desire.

Bottom Line

Following the steps found in the Mindpower book, is the ability to change the way we think and change the way we perceive our lives and the world around us. By creating the desire to make these changes, the results are not only beneficial to our mental well-being but are also life-enhancing. By using affirmations, meditation and visualization, the book offers assistance to anyone who would like to take control of their own mind and their own life. This is a great book to help us regain control over our emotions and our lives.

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