Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern

Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern

Mental disorders are global issues. Hence, researchers conduct several studies to help doctors treat them effectively. However, there are few common as well as uncommon mental disorders among patients.

You might have heard the name of a few. Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment for some of these disorders. But diseases like depression can be treated using proper treatments. However, proper health care facilities and the right treatment can decrease suffering to some levels. 

People across the whole world are suffering from disorders. As a result, it affects the health, as well as social and economic factors of countries. Henceforth, we must be aware of common disorders. Also, proper knowledge is the first step in helping someone with such a disease. 

Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern
Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern

Common Mental Disorders 


Sadly, this is a common cause of disability, as per a study. Therefore, it comes as a surprise that there are around 264 million people who suffer from it. And among them, the numbers of women are more than men. 

The following are some of the signs of this disease:

  • Sadness
  • Guilt feeling
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor ability to concentrate
  • Tiredness

In addition, they feel pain in their body with no real cause. So, these people have trouble dealing with even small activities of life. As a result, daily actions become tough for them, and in worse situations, it forces them to commit suicide. 

Bipolar Disorder

People suffering from Bipolar Disorder are less in number. However, it will soon increase because this leads to depression. Hence, persons can suffer either from attacks or depressive attacks and, in rare cases, they may suffer from both. Common signs include speaking too fast, mood swings, less need for sleep, and more. However, with medicines and support, this common disorder can be treated. 


Nearly fifty million people have this disorder. Usually, persons suffering from it have a slow brain function. That is, the thought process is slow as opposed to healthy individuals.

Therefore, as a result, they are weak in thinking, learning, calculating, positioning, and even in making decisions. Moreover, it leads to poor emotional control and a lack of social behavior. 

Generally, the cause of this ongoing disease can be Alzheimer’s or brain injuries. Regrettably, there is no proper cure for this one. However, with the right care at various stages might help in slowing down the nature of the disorder. 


This is a very severe disorder that is quite rare. And only 20 million people all over the world are suffering from it. They can have psychoses experiences such as false beliefs, feelings, hearing, and more. As a result, concentrating on work and study becomes difficult. 

Generally, it affects people in their early adult age or when they are in late youth. Luckily, proper care and support can help them to live a happy life. 

Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern
Mental Disorders- A Worldwide Concern

Mental Disorders Risk

Not everyone is at risk, but some easily face these disorders in their life. The question is who is at risk? Undoubtedly, those with difficulty in managing thoughts, poor emotional health, interactions, and more. Furthermore, there are many reasons that some people are at a higher risk of getting these brain dysfunction.

Hence, with proper support and care, we can at least help these disorders to some level. Moreover, even government and international healthcare institutions are supporting people to fight these disorders.

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