Just in Minutes You Can Go from Having Straight Thin Hair to Having Curls and Waves with Volume!

Women always like to look fashionable and modern. The light to dress appropriately whether going to a party or work on a business trip or just going out on a date.

Hairs play an important role in dressing up. Getting your hair done is part of every woman’s daily routine. We like to make them in different styles like buns. 

But when it comes to curling your hair you use expensive hair tresses or spend a fortune in hair parlors. They are not only time-consuming but very harmful for your hair. They damage your hair making them rough and dry. Hair pressure cannot be used for a long period. So it has an alternative solution which is not much better and also very easy. DIY hair rollers not only make your hair curly but also do not damage your hair. Because it is a natural method to curl your hair. So say goodbye to hair pressures and say hello to natural curling solutions.

DIY Hair Rollers For Styling, Hairdressing, Curling

This DIY hair roller for hair rolling is an amazing technology for any type of hair, whether short or long. 

It is made of high-quality PP material that is both eco-friendly and long-lasting. So, it doesn’t harm your hair in any way

It has a beautiful lid design that prevents hair from coming out and makes it more curly by preventing hair from dropping.

The wide slot can evenly distribute liquid to the hair when curling. It is a non-slip cold wave rod with a rubber band.

The cold perm rod is easy to use so anyone can use them and it also doesn’t require any heating, allowing you to curl your hair in a simple and natural method without using any artificial heating. They don’t even require any additional tools

All you have to do is wrap your hair in the hair rollers and sleep. See the magic the next day when your hairs are all curled up and they are ready for the day. You will love the way your hair looks. 

This DIY hair roller assists you in creating your unique hairstyles with these perm curlers rods.

Purchase your DIY Hair Rollers For Styling, Hairdressing, Curling today.


  • Size: 9cm
  • Type: Bendy Rollers
  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 12pcs
  • Item Type: Hair Rollers
  • Applicable hair: All hair


  • Unlike hair presses, they are harmless to your hair. 
  • If you’re able to sleep with them, they’re great for curling your hair overnight.
  • You can use them to add curls or bounce to your hair for a beautiful volume.
  • You don’t need any extra tools to use them. Pins aren’t necessary because they stick to your hair readily.
  • It may be used on both dry and damp hair.
  • They are great for creating your hairstyle without having to go to a hair salon yourself.
  • They are very easy to use on any type of hair
  • It is easy to carry and convenient to use.
A pencil and paper


  • They do not completely give a salon-style look. 
  • They would say put unless you use hair spray. 


DIY hair rollers are the best alternative to hair pressers that damage your hair. They are very easy to use. 

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