How to deal with the Social anxiety thing

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Social anxiety is the fear that people will view you negatively or not at all. It’s commonly felt when in social situations and is linked to low self-esteem.It  is a very common problem. Millions of people feel it some or all the time and it’s very common for people to avoid social situations they’re uncomfortable with. This type of anxiety is often triggered by ongoing problems in interpersonal relationships or fears of failure in previous endeavors. It can be treated by learning techniques for overcoming social anxiety in situations ranging from workplace settings to meeting new people. Here are some ways to deal with your social anxiety.


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The first step is to completely accept that you have a problem of social anxiety and things in the past have turned out in a way that now you are facing issues in social interactions and you are not alone, there are millions of people out there facing the problem bu the reason they are not able to deal with it is that they are not ready to accept the issue, they just keep concerning themselves with lies and excuses to avoid dealing it, So first accept that you have such problem.

Anxiety Works in your favor

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You need to understand that anxiety is a 100% natural response of your body, it is the very reason we are alive today, if people had no anxiety for fear then we all would be taking wild risks living life-threatening choices, Anxiety is the reason we stick to speed limit, Anxiety is the reason we don’t jump from mountains and experiencing anxiety when you are in a social situation is completely normal because you have a fear of failure that is causing anxiety, It’s like a person who has been in a car accident would find it hard to go on the road again but eventually, with little steps, he will do it. The same is the case with social situations.

Take a little step

Social anxiety is a pervasive and incredibly unpleasant feeling that prevents us from engaging in socially appropriate activities. Common triggers include speaking in front of a large group of people (even your significant other), approaching a new person with the intent of getting to know them or even just greeting loved ones in public. So, you don’t need to start speaking in front of a crowd directly to deal with your SAD instead take little steps like going to fest or events where you can meet new people, and instead of going alone take a friend with you who is good in social situations, So once you are confident you can go on yourself.

Expert help

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a common anxiety disorder. It can make you uncomfortable in social situations and relationships and dampen your happiness and love for yourself. It can also make it hard for you to trust others and enjoy certain activities, including going out in public. So, it is never a bad idea to seek professional help. There is a reason people see these experts. Always remember the one who is capable of asking for help is the brave one.


Many people fear rejection at social events because they imagine they won’t be wanted or that others won’t appreciate them due to their social status or how big of a person they are. It is very common to experience such thoughts especially in this show off era, So don’t worry about these thoughts and try to deal with them instead of avoiding them.

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