Funny Social Anxiety Memes That Will Leave You In Splits

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Does social anxiety make you feel upset and sad? Not anymore! There are some amazing memes about social anxiety on the internet that will leave you in splits. For most of us events like meeting new people and answering questions in a class can induce anxiety. These events make us uncomfortable and we want to get out of the situation as soon as we can. For people who have severe social anxiety, the occurrence of panic attacks is common. This makes things difficult for them and they have severe issues when they have to be in a public setting.

If you are also a socially anxious person then you must see these social anxiety memes that will make you laugh. If you ever feel anxious you can remember these social anxiety memes and you will feel better. These memes are relatable and funny to ensure that you know that you are not the only one with these issues out there. There are so many other people who battle the same issues everyday so we are in this together. 

On Meeting New People

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Meeting new people can be nerve wracking for people and for socially anxious people this can be a worse experience. It makes them sweat and also leads to panic attacks in some cases. This meme defines the balance between being totally awkward and then being too friendly with people. It depicts the time when either you are shy and not talking to anyone or you are just too annoying for people. Then you go back and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you are like this. It is a hilarious meme and sums the entire situation in the best way possible. 

On Tone Changes

Being a socially awkward person means that you are too sensitive to the changes happening around you. One such change that you can recognize instantly is the change in the tone of a person. This meme hilariously sums up the situation when you panic in case someone’s tone changes. You start feeling that the other person hates you and that they are wanting to show the same through the tone. 

On Falling Asleep

One thing that socially awkward people often do is to play their conversations in their head and see if they said anything wrong. This meme represents the situation in a funny way when these feelings hit you before you are going to bed and you stay awake thinking why and how did you even say that.


These are some funny social anxiety memes that you must see to make yourself feel better. Whenever you feel anxious or you start to panic look at these and find yourself laughing. It is important that you consult a doctor if you have a really severe case of anxiety as they can suggest some therapies that will help you.

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