Everything about personality growth and development

personality growth and development

You will learn about the different methods for growing and developing your personality, as well as how to apply these methods in your own life.

Before we start, let us define what personality is and how it comes to be:

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“The totality of an individual’s behavioral and mental characteristics.”

(1) “A person’s characteristic pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.”

(2) Your personality consists of your character traits. It also includes the different ways you behave, think, and feel. Your personality is the final product of both your biological makeup (nature) and your environment (nurture).

For example, if you are shy, you will behave differently to someone who has a different temperament. Shy people do not go up to strangers to start conversations about their favorite band or because they are scared of strangers. People with different temperaments wouldn’t be afraid to approach a stranger because they are not shy.

Your personality also includes the traits

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Your personality also includes the traits you have developed over time or your character traits. You can change these whenever you want because it is within your control, unlike your temperament which determines how outgoing you are naturally. Your character traits are the result of your experiences throughout life. For example, if you have grown up in a family where all your siblings were extroverts, chances are you will be more introverted than them (i.e., you will be less outgoing).

So there are two parts to your personality:

Temperaments and character traits. Although you cannot choose your temperament, you can change your character traits. You do this by challenging yourself to overcome the difficulties that come with having a certain temperament.

However, before we look at how you can grow and develop your personality, let’s first take a look at what happens when you neglect your personality development:

“The alcoholic was told by his doctor that he could never drink again. But he did and kept on drinking… His wife pleaded with him to stop. He said nothing at all but went out and got drunk again. The next morning, he came to the breakfast table soberly, well dressed, and in excellent spirits.”

It is common for substance abusers to be declared sober and successful for six months or more. However, they fall back into addiction after this period because they stop growing their personality. When these individuals get drunk again, they usually suffer from a downward spiral of shame and guilt, which causes them to drink again the next time.

If you want to grow and develop your personality instead of going through a downward spiral, you need to know the different methods for growing and developing your personality.

This book will explain these methods to you. You can use them in your own life to grow your personality, or give them to others who want help with their personality development issues.

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