Easy to Bend, Twist, No Clips Needed and Foam Made! Create a Beautiful Bouncy Curls Effortlessly!

Consider Cute Soft Bendable Curlers to be the magical formula in your bag of natural hair tricks when it comes to beautiful spirals, coils, and curls. These lanky rollers may assist in producing a conservative style that will, in most circumstances, stay longer than a wash-and-go—without the prolonged commitment of a braided or twisted style—with the proper size rods for your hair length, the right products, and the desired style in mind. Find a step-by-step tutorial to using Flexi-rods on natural hair right here.

About Cute Soft Bendable Curlers

These Cute Soft Bendable Curlers bend effortlessly around your hair and around themselves to maintain their place, as the name implies. Consider it a lengthy hair roller. Wrap your hair around each one and fold the ends inward to hold the curl in place while it sets. These Cute Soft Bendable Curlers for natural hair come in a variety of lengths, which is useful not only for varied hair lengths but also for diverse styles.

Use Of Cute Soft Bendable Curlers

  1. Your curls may become floppy and tight if your hair has already been treated with the product, so start with freshly washed strands. You’ll get the most bounce out of your rod set if you do it this way. A rod set may be done in two ways: with or without the use of a blow dryer. Apply the Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner to moist hair and detangle it into parts, regardless of whatever method you use.
  2. If you want to avoid using heat, divide your hair into one-inch sections and add Grip Foam to each section. Wrap the hair around the rod and twist the ends to secure them. Rep until your hair is completely covered in curling rods.
  3. Try blow-drying your Flexi-rod curls if you want them to be more smooth. Blow-dry hair on a low heat setting after applying the leave-in and Straight Blow Dry Cream. Apply Curl Twisting Custard to one-inch sections of hair, from root to tip, then wrap hair around each rod after it’s dried.
  4. Cute Soft Bendable Curlers aren’t the most time-consuming of all the protective and natural curly hairstyles available. It will take less time if you choose larger curls. Smaller curls may take a little longer to complete, but it all depends on how distinct and accurate your sectioning is. It’s important to remember that your pieces don’t have to be perfect. When you remove the rods, the curls will be loose enough that you won’t see the portions you made when rolling.
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Things You Must Know

While we’ve shown you how to use your curlers in a failsafe method (with two minor changes), you also have the option of doing a Flexi-rod set on dry hair. Keep in mind, however, that the fundamental style concept of a Flexi-rod is the old school way of wrapping wet hair around rollers. While you can obtain natural curls with Cute Soft Bendable Curlers on dry hair, you’ll still need to add moisture with Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer. When your hair is still damp, you’ll receive the finest effects. Even if you’re using curling rods to revitalise a coil, it’s still a good idea to re-moisten it with a styling cream or Hair Milk Refresher Spray.

Wrapping Up

Cute Soft Bendable Curlers are a styling product that allows you to produce distinct curls in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do with a wash-and-go. Having control over the diameter of the curls you’re producing also gives you additional styling options, allowing you to change up your look whenever you want.

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