Developing A Personal Growth Plan

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Personal development is not a one-time process and so a personal growth plan must be developed and maintained over a period of time. There are many factors that influence personal growth and hence the need for a personal growth plan. It is very important to consider the personality traits of the individual, to design an effective personal growth plan. Some of the factors that are important in the development of a personal growth plan are:

Identify Your Personal Growth Goals

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This is a very important aspect of any personal growth plan. Goals mean everything here. If you want to become taller, you will have to decide on the percentage of you wish to attain, and what steps you will take to achieve it. If you want to develop your conversational skills, you can set some goals here, too. It is important to remember that personal growth goals should never be based on vanity, but should be based on your true talents and abilities.

* Put your personal development goals into action. Once you have identified your goals, you will have to work towards achieving them. The best way to go about this is to set small goals that you can easily achieve. The tiniest goals you have set, the higher will be the sense of accomplishment and the closer will it be to your ultimate goals.

Develop Yourself As An Expert

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One important component of a personal growth plan is to make yourself an expert in personal development. You can accomplish this by becoming an author, spreading information through articles and books, participating in online discussion forums, enrolling in courses and seminars and so on.

* Develop the personal skills that you want to use in your personal growth plan. One of the best ways to develop your personal skills is to read books about the things you want to learn or do. There are lots of these available and they come at various prices. Take the time to search for them and then buy only the ones that are worth the investment.

* Make sure that your personal development activities fit into your schedule. To achieve your personal growth plan, you have to realize that the most effective things that you can do are the things that you can perform even when you don’t have enough time. For example, if you are working on improving your communication skills, then you need to spend a few minutes every day speaking to a friend or even a stranger.

Have Realistic Expectations

Another crucial component of personal development is to make realistic expectations of yourself and of others. Never think that personal development tasks are unattainable or impossible. Set reasonable goals and do your best to achieve them.

You may wonder how personal development can be possible if you don’t put any effort into it. Well, if you want to achieve your personal development goals, then you have to work on it. This doesn’t mean though that you should overwork yourself. Instead, work smart-smart! Make sure that you understand what you need to do, make plans and set reasonable goals and do everything in moderation.


When you have a personal development plan, there’s nothing that you have to feel ashamed of. You can easily get discouraged especially if you have set many goals for yourself. However, the most important thing that you should remember is to not give up. You will eventually achieve your goal. Now, go and do it! Get your personal growth started today!

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