Bracelets For Men – Meaning & Significances

Bracelets for Men - Meaning & Significances

These days, jewelry has become an equally popular item among men and women alike. Hence, there is nothing surprising if you see men wearing a variety of bracelets, among other pieces of jewelry. The male bracelets are not only beautiful but have meaningful and implicative designs. Hence, a man wearing a particular bracelet may be showing off more than his style sense. If you understand the connotations associated with the different bracelets, you can easily recognize the symbolism behind the bracelets you see among men. The following are a few types of beaded bracelets, particularly which have different meanings and notably seen among men.

Bracelets for Men - Meaning & Significances
Bracelets for Men – Meaning & Significances

Different Beaded Bracelets And Their Meaning

There is a wide variety of beaded bracelets to choose from. Read below to know about them along with the associated meaning and connotation.

Bohemian Bracelets

The bohemian beaded bracelet stands out for its wide range of colorful beads, which can look good with any outfit. The bohemian lifestyle is spontaneous and without any routine. The bracelets, with its varied color combination, denote this spirit. So, if you are dressing up in a bohemian outfit, this can be your go-to bracelet any day.

Bracelets for Men – Native American Beaded Bracelets

These bracelets are unique and made of matte black beads. These are hematite rocks formed from cooled down lava. Moreover, the design is versatile and suitable for all types of clothes and outfits. The best thing about this bracelet is that you can find numerous variations that include many different motifs and symbols in the form of charms added to the bracelet.

Bracelets for Men – Nepal Beaded Bracelet

Similar to the Native American style but yet very different, the Nepal bracelet has two different types of beads. The black stone beads, and there are three tiger eye stones as well. Moreover, the high contrast between the different stones used for making this bracelet is noteworthy. Again, this is a bracelet that will complement any outfit style and hence a popular choice among many men.

African Beaded Bracelets

The African beaded bracelet has very smooth and matte finish black beads and a single blue tiger eye stone. Moreover, the black stones used for making this bracelet are onyx. Onyx has very sophisticated looks, which make it a popular choice among men who are looking for a more formal design that will match their outfit better. At the same time, the beads are very durable. It is an excellent investment if you love stone and beaded bracelets.

Bracelets for Men - Meaning & Significances
Bracelets for Men – Meaning & Significances


There are a wide variety of beaded bracelets for men that you will come across. The best things about these bracelets are its versatility as both men and women can wear it. Hence, now that you know the different available types, choosing the best design for you will become easier.

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Designer Men’s Beaded Bracelet

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